Thursday, August 27, 2009

Slowly getting back!

So i've been down with the flu for the last 3 days. So thats kinda put a dent in to my training program. Only just week i was telling some peeps that i was getting the feeling of running back. The kind of feeling that i have been missing for awhile. I'll give myself 1 more day of rest. Then i go for a easy bike ride this saturday, easy as in i not going to push myself, i just going to take it nice and slow and easy. Just to warm up the system again.

Other then that, all i been doing is sleeping, i guess thats the only time when anyone gets to sleep and sleep an not feel guilty about spending to much time sleeping. Well, there always is a reason why we fall sick, not enough sleep, or not doing or taking in of something that is needed in our bodies. I fallen sick more this year then i can count in the pass few years. Which makes me thing on why i getting sick now compared to why i was not getting sick at all last time. Maybe it's life style. I was very disciplined last year, hardly drink, no late night out, resting well after training, sleeping early. I think thats the most important part. I use to go to bed by 11pm every day last year mostly. I seriously think a good nights sleep does wonders. No adays i sleep late. 12 or pass 12.

Well, i'm feeling 90% better now so hopefully, i stop falling sick again anytime soon. Hope all is well with you guys out there. Remember, live each day like your last, cause you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Live everyday to the fullest!

Once again, the topic is brought back to my mind. Reminder i would also say. Got news on saturday night that a friends mum passed away, rather suddenly. Then 2 weeks ago Fr O'Niel also passed away suddenly, which brings things to prospective again. Love out your day to the best you can, in whatever you are doing be it small or big, cause you will never know when you going see or experience that particular moment again.

So far base training has been going good. Getting the feeling back again, both in cycling and running, but i still have a long way to go in terms of getting to were i want to be, but slow an stead is the key. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brand New Training!

Been like forever since i last posted anything on this blog. Well, i shall try to post regularly. FIrst off, after having tasted my first DNF in desaru, I have told myself that it's back to basic for my training. And mean really mean back to basics. Next race wildflower, 8 months away..... same distance as desaru but should be alot more fun.

I'm now doing base training all over again, in run up to the half marathon in dec. Target timing under 2 hrs. Will fill in on more details of training and sorts as i got to run off for now. But do stay tune. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Okie, after a long hiatus, i'm back here to do some writing, well try to do some writing. Whats been going on you may ask. Nothing much actually. Other then trying to get myself back in shape since IMWA. 

Been trying to increase my speed in swim, bike and run. Been doing interval training for all 3. Somehow it's so much hard on the bike and run. lol. It's like this never ending battle to get faster or better shape then ppl who at the same time are also improving as well. 

Thinking i going to give the full IM distance a rest for now. I going to concentrate on doing my 70.3s. As much to what alot of ppl say about going all the way overseas just to do a half IM is a waste, i think it is still okie. I'm trying to aim for florida in someway. An i got my work cut out for me. The last HIM i did i came in 6hrs 30 mins. I need to cut that timing down by 1 hrs 30mins. I would say my swim is almost there as i can comfortable do my swim in about 42 mins for 1.9k. It's the bike and the run i need to work on. At the same time i guess i should stop being so lazy an get my butt out more to train. 

O another note, i'll be doing a charity ride to mersing and back. Would be good if all of you could donate to this cause. The url is :  You got to put my name down as the rider. Loh Peng Jun. Would be great if you also set me a msg saying that you have donated so i can keep track. 

Well, it is ENR tonight so i should be cycling. Cheers all

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okie so it's been awhile since i wrote anything down here. To my readers who are far and feel between sorry hehehe. So lets see what has happened so far since the last i wrote anything in here. hmmmm .... well mum is finally at her final place of rest at holy sprite church. We had a small service for her, i like to thank all those that came, once again we are truly blessed to have support like you guys around, but then again it was all due to mum for showing her love to all that it's being repaid to us. 

Went on our family holiday to the states and tokyo, which was a blast. pics are up on my facebook. Had a wonderful time, not to say i've not been back to LA in like 10 yrs since i left SMC( santa monica college) was good to be back there. A few changes here and there but nothing major till i could not recognize it anymore unlike singapore, you go away for 2 months an wow something major has happened. It was the 4th of july weekend and not to say summer sales. So you should know how cheap things get in the states during that time. Think i did a way bit to much shopping hehehe

Tokyo was nice, the city on awhole was abit just a wee bit to crowded, but it was a good experience. Easy to get around actually, for a first timer i was afraid that getting around would be a problem, but it was not. The tube system there is very comprehensible. Once again pics are up on facebook

After that i was pretty much in to getting back in to shape after being away for 2 weeks with no training what so ever. Had portdickson tri in 2 weeks so had to pick up the training pace again. Did something freaky in PD just before the race, which rendered my right thumb useless. Basically did the whole race with out it. Swam by folding my thumb under my hand as i could not apply any pressure, the bike was rather painful as anytime the road got bumpy it would affect my thumb. Through out the whole run, my thumb had this throbbing pain pulsating through out the whole time. but none the less i finished the race.

Well went to see a doc, had an x-ray blah blah, found out it's a damage ligament... means 3 to 6 months full recovery. Hopefully everything is okie next week when i c the doc then i can start proper training again, cycling on the bike trainer is very boring, have not swam in 3 weeks. bah feeling lousy to some extent. o well better to rest an recover if not won't be able to race anymore that sucks even more. Well thats all for now folks. Later, god bless and be safe! 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

3 yrs an counting!

So it's been 3 yrs since fei passed away. Somehow when visiting his niche yesterday the feeling was abit different then before. Guess losing my mum this yr has a part to play for it. Sadness came over me once again, of a life that was once so great being taken away, just like mum. Thinking to myself why again. Fond memories came rushing back in to my head of the days gone by where fei would joke or call me Zeus. So weird how it is the 3 people that have passed away in our family was due to leukemia. Not a day goes by i wonder do i live my day to the fullest or at least i try. No day but today! You are still missed fei, an our heart still aches with the pain of your lost.

Back to life, so subic bay is less then 2 months away. It would by far be the longest race i would have done. 4km swim, 120km bike followed by a 30km run. If i can complete this race then IMWA should be okie. I got 3 weeks to get my bike up to 120km... i'm so dead lol. I've started to push myself harder on training and made my distance longer. My run is more or less settled since i can a marathon 2 weeks ago, swims more or less covered i think .. all i got let to do is my bike. Well , i update you sooner then you think so stay in tune..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Aching and in pain!

So yes i finally did my full 42km..... Not in a very respectable timing but i did it none the less... The route on the whole was not as i expected.. the first 25km of the run was good after that it's were it got abit hard. Rather undulating especially after the 25km aid station, the path was narrow actually the path was narrow almost everywhere after that besides a few places. The up's and down's reminded me of running at mac, not to add the few over head bridges that we had to go up and down from. If you ask me i rather swim bike and run then do a full marathon. Even 70.3 was alot easier then this. On a whole i guess i could not ask for me as i was rather under trained. I only had 3 months proper to get ready for it. At least, i finished before the sun rose so i can still call this marathon sundown marathon. 

Like to thank jeanette for pulling me on the last part of the run if not i would have been walking still. Cheers babe you ran a good race :) To all the ppl that came down to support thanks alot, especially to my dad and aunty for waiting for me at the finishing line the thought kept running in my mind how bad i felt for making them wait so long, was suppose to finish this race under 5 hrs not after. 

Well my legs are sore, i taking this whole week off training to rest them then it's BSKL need to start training again, subic bay is in 2 months an i so not ready for it.